Marvellous Maids is proud to partner with Fabulous HousekeepersThe Training. These are run from our Atlantic Seaboard offices in Green Point; Cape Town.

Please see below, the details of the training courses that we currently offer.

The Domestic Foundation Course

Establishing the basic fundamentals required and run over three days.


Basic Cleaning General Laundry
How to Clean Personal Hygiene How to read care labels
How to wash dishes Cross-cultural communication Working the Machine
How to make beds Appropriate forms of address Sort it out
How to clean a bathroom Communicating with the employer Washing
Tidying Techniques Managing your time Drying
Office Cleaning Initiative Ironing
Cleaning Products and Usage Work induction Packing Away - Basic
Using a Vacuum Cleaner Understanding Pets

The main aim of the training is to show the trainee the skills required in housekeeping. The student would further be given a training  manual and a certificate on completion of the course. At the end of this course should you wish your person to receive additional training in specific area (packing away cupboards; answering telephones etc), we could certainly develop something extra.

The cost of the above is R2850.00 – and includes all course notes and lunch on the training days.

The next 3 day Domestic Foundation courses (at our Green Point offices) are scheduled for:

May 2018 Tuesday 15th; Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th 2 spaces left
June 2018 Tuesday 5th; Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th Fully Booked


Please note that this course can be adapted for Office/Tea/Cleaning Staff. In this instance, the laundry component falls away and we focus on social interaction; cleaning in the office environment; cleaning desks (without disturbing contents); making and serving of teas/coffees and light meals and setting up of meeting/boardrooms.

Logistics influence the training – so the where of the training influences the nature of the training. So when we do a group training (as in our training centre) – the classes are small (maximum 8 pax) so everyone can get individual attention but by nature of the group dynamic it does tend to be more show and tell. So when making a bed – the trainer will be demonstrating; ditto for washing dishes; ironing etc. Although everyone will get an opportunity to try their hand at a task – you have to be very careful as there are only so many dishes people can wash and then in turn watch being washed before tuning out – and so on and so forth. Also because we are dealing with up to 8 different people who will be working in different homes; using different machines and dealing with different employers – we have to concentrate on the general rather than on the specific. The dynamic of group training however, means that one gets exposed to a lot more questions and in turn more answers. We like to involve the group rather than “talking at them” and that makes the experience quite enjoyable (you learn more) and we are also able to use multiple trainers to make it more interesting as it is more theoretical.

In order to book your person on any of the courses, you need to book (as simple as sending us an email) – I would then invoice you and once payment was made, your person would be registered.

It is important to note that doing the course does not equal passing; part of the training process is to evaluate the suitability (ability; aptitude; attitude & English) of each person for work. We emphasize communication skills and that certainly helps in the job environment.

The employee would receive training in the relevant modules; receive Training Notes and a certificate on completion.

Send me an email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or to book.