Helping Your Employee Open a Bank Account

We do recommend that everybody has their own bank account. It is however, a reality that it is often difficult for people to open a bank account on their own, especially when their primary residence is their live-in job. It is often useful to assist your employee in opening a bank account. In our experience, it is best to open a simple ‘Mzansi’ savings account which has very low bank fees. F.N.B has a good track record in opening bank accounts with very little effort.

You will need to provide, the bank, with the following:


  • Letter from employer saying that:
  • The employee is employed by them and stating the monthly salary
  • The employee is resident at the employer’s residence

The letter needs to be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the employer’s I.D
  • A copy of the employer's utility bill (for proof of residence – electricity; water; phone etc also acceptable)
  • A copy of a salary slip for the employee
  • A copy of the employee’s identification book/refugee status
The employee needs to go in person, with all of the above. For a person who is sleep out, they will need a copy of a utility bill or other suitable documentation to prove their address.