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One of South Africa’s favourite topics of conversation revolves around domestic workers and how good they are, how bad; shocking stories and urban legends reverberate through book club teas, ladies lunching and dinner parties in the suburbs. Here, at Marvellous Maids, we think we have heard them all, until we are bowled over by yet another tale which demonstrates our reliance on the women (and men!) who free up our energies by cooking, cleaning and looking after our children. But why use an agency? Aren’t they very expensive?

 Yes, cost is certainly a factor; however, consider the cost of a bad placement, or an untried, untested and worst of all unknown person let loose in your home. At Marvellous Maids we have strict selection criteria, taking into consideration the worker’s past with special reference to honesty, reliability and attitude as well as domestic skills. Of the approximately 20 people who come into each of the Marvellous Maids offices each day, perhaps only 2, or 3 will be registered.

References are not only checked and scrutinized, but investigated as well. Referees are closely questioned and their truthfulness tested with the experience of years and years of registering and placing domestic workers. A tailor made data base alerts us to workers who have behaved dishonestly or badly in the past. Both applicants available for permanent placement and those on our char team are subjected to the same scrutiny.

In doing placements Marvellous Maids operates as any other recruitment agency and introduces you to suitable candidates and charges a fee. In addition we assist our clients with a placement package consisting of everything from the contract, an induction form, pay slip book, cleaning schedule and other information designed to make the employment process as easy and painless as possible.

This is how we work

We would firstly take a comprehensive job specification from you. From this we would present you with a short list of candidates. This could happen in our offices, or if you prefer a facilitator could bring prospective employees to your home or place of business for you to interview.

The facilitator will either assist you with the interview, or simply be available to answer any questions. The facilitator will make sure that the duties are clearly defined and that the candidates are suitably able and willing to perform them. All references and contact numbers of referees will be made available.

When you have selected an employee, we would assist you with the contract. In terms of the contract your new employee would be subject to a probationary period of up to 90 days. The contract falls within the parameters of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and clearly outlines all duties and obligations for both parties. Our facilitators will be present when the contract is drawn up and make sure that the new employee clearly understands what is expected of him or herself.

Our fee is payable when the worker starts. This equates to 14% of annual salary plus VAT, covered by a 3 month warranty, terms and conditions of which are outlined below.

Marvellous Maids Warranty

Should the employee not prove satisfactory then we will be pleased to provide a replacement at no further charge during the warranty period of 90 days from date of placement.

Terms and Conditions

OUR FEE is calculated as a percentage of the employee’s annual salary. This is due and payable on commencement of employment. Our fee is 14% of the annual salary plus vat. This fee is payable by the employer and there is no charge to prospective employees. Employment of a candidate referred by Marvellous Maids will be deemed to be acceptance of our terms and conditions.

OUR WARRANTY Marvellous Maids warranty is subject to validation, which is by full payment being made within 7 (seven) days of the employee commencing employment. The warranty is not valid where the candidate is no longer employed due to termination owing to operational requirements, unfair labour practices or breach of contract with the employee.

REPLACEMENT Marvellous Maids undertakes to replace the employee with a candidate willing and able to fulfill the same tasks and duties as in the original employee’s contract. Whereas every effort is made to replace the employee as soon as possible, Marvellous Maids undertakes to replace the employee within 14 days of the employee leaving or of being advised that a replacement is required.

DISCLAIMER Whereas every effort is made to ensure that the person working in your home is honest and competent and does not have a history of negligence or clumsiness, accidents do occur. Marvellous Maids does not accept liability for any act or omission or delict which might result in loss of, or damage to, your property.

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