takes great pleasure in introducing

Sensible Sitters

for a stress-free holiday or time away from home. Our carefully recruited brigade of common sense and Sensible Sitters will look after your home for a week or weekend or a month or two. Our Sensible Sitters are:

• Reference checked responsible adults
• Practical problem solvers
• Available at a moment’s notice
• Matched to your needs
• Animal lovers and
• will report to you twice daily.

Our Sensible Sitters are selected based on their history, communication and problem-solving approach. They will deal with the plumber, pool man and security company. They will tend to the animals, water the garden, put chlorine in the pool, supervise the garden service, report suspicious activities to the security company and ensure that you return to a clean, fresh and fragrant home.

• If the roof blows off or
• a break in occurs, if
• the pet food runs out and
• the dog is off colour.
• If the geyser bursts or
• the drains are blocked.

Whatever the problem Sensible Sitters will have it sorted. Off you go and enjoy your holiday and time away from home.

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