Over the years Marvellous Maids has offered many different levels of training, from a one day induction course for experienced workers to a bespoke course lasting over 6 weeks.

Our Marvellous Maids Academy will be offering the following courses over the next few months:

Preparation for the Char Team

This is a one-day course where workers already selected to work for Marvellous Maids will be transported to our Academy for an intensive one-day course, focussing not only on skills, but on HARP (Honesty, Attitude, Reliability and Punctuality). All trainees will receive a uniform, toiletries, stationery, and a Domestic Foundation Manual. The cost of this training is R2000. A deposit of R1000 is required, the balance to be deducted from wages over the following two months.

4-day Domestic Foundation Course

Trainees will be in residence at our Academy where they will complete a 4-day comprehensive and intensive Domestic Foundation course. This will be followed up by a practical day where they will be assessed by a Marvellous Maids client. Certificates will be given to successful trainees after successful completion of tests and projects. Meals will be provided with trainees acquiring basic cooking skills whilst preparing their meals. All trainees will receive a uniform, toiletries, stationery and Domestic Foundation and Laundry training manuals. Cost R5000 with a deposit of R2000, the balance to be deducted from wages over 3 months.

Bespoke Training

As everybody’s needs are different, employers please talk to us and we will make options available to you.

Fabulous Housekeepers

This is a live-in, 4-week course, including cooking, management, advanced laundry, laying of table, serving, shopping, list making amongst other things. Only 2 people can be accommodated on each course. R10 000 and trainees receive full board and lodging, uniforms, toiletries, stationery, work books, recipe books and all manuals.


  • Acceptance is Not Automatic.
  • It is important to us that ALL trainees are placed. Should they not be placed immediately they will work on
  • the Char Team until a full-time position is found.
  • We do training on behalf of employers.
  • Trainees are expected to speak English and be literate and numerate.
  • A code of conduct will be made available and trainees not conforming may be asked to leave.
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